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GetPsyched is the psychology community that communicates practical psychological information for everyone. Via our YouTube channel, our written blog, our podcast and on our social media accounts.

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About Fraser

Fraser is a counselling psychologist in training at Glasgow Caledonian University with extensive experience in the fields of both counselling and psychology, both academically and professionally.

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The GetPsyched Vision
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GetPsyched started in June of 2017. Our visions was to create weekly YouTube videos that communicated psychological principles and research in an easy to understand format.

Since then, GetPsyched has grown in numerous other ways. GetPsyched has reached thousands across the world with our YouTube videos, our written blog and on our social media accounts. We have also increased our reach and engagement by speaking at international conferences.

GetPsyched has a vision to become a psychology community, where professionals, students, and people generally interested in psychology can come to engage and learn more. The future is bright, check out more of our website to learn more and contact us to be a part of it!

SMITH 574 copy 260x300 - HomeAbout Fraser

Fraser is a counselling psychologist in training and has been developing his skills and experience in both psychology and therapy for a number of years.

Fraser established GetPsyched in 2017, and since then has become an international speaker, keynote speaker for the British Psychological Society and a published academic author.

Fraser currently works as a trainee counselling psychologist for First Psychology in Scotland, and a seminar tutor of undergraduate psychology students at Glasgow Caledonian University, where he is also completing his doctoral studies.

Want to reach out to fraser and learn more about what he does, his experiences and his skill set? The you can send him an email here.

Fraser has a passion for developing his skills and experience in psychology and is always interested in networking and expanding his outreach.

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